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Bees knees

Hi from West Virginia! I found yalls show when i was searching spotify for the cresson sanitarium and kept listening bc i love the vibe. I also did an overnight ghost hunt there. I definitely wanted to recommend/ask if yall could do an episode on the trans Allegheny lunatic asylum in weston, west virginia (my grandfather stayed there no shit) and you know my ass has to ask about maybe a mothman/flatwoods monster episode too, anyways even if you dont, ill keep listening! Love you guys!!

Phenomenally spooky

Extremely entertaining. Definitely leaves you longing for the next epidsode.

Thumbs up

If I had more than two thumbs they would be up too. Great show full of fun paranormal shenanigans.

Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fantastic!

Really intense and detailed into the paranormal. If your into demonology this is your podcast. Real and chilling stories. Great host detailed and entertaining. Looking forward to more!

Awesome spooky pod!

Fun for all paranormal and super natural fans!