Welcome to The Paranatural Podcast


  Hosts Ben and Jake take a lighthearted look at the dark, spooky and just plain strange stories of the paranormal that circulate in our wonderfully weird world. Join us as we goof our way through topics like ghosts, aliens, cryptids and more. 

About the Hosts

Jake Shetenhelm

Looks like he escaped from the set of the movie Lost Boys.

Thinks Hair Metal is good music.

Wasn't even alive in the 80s which makes those first two things even more strange and confusing.

Might actually be three gnomes in a trench coat.

Ben Sours

Ben's interest in the paranormal goes back to his earliest childhood. It began with two things. Encounters with an entity that he called "The Man In The Dryer" and a VHS copy of Harry and the Henderson's. Since then, a lifetime of encounters, countless books, and hours upon hours of television shows and documentaries have only served to grow his fascination.

Ben describes himself as a skeptical believer. He knows that strange, unexplainable things happen and are very real. However, he also knows that every story should be looked at individually and that not every one is truly unexplainable.

Besides his interest in the paranormal, Ben is also a motorcycle lover and firearms enthusiast. He also enjoys dabbling in photography and creative writing. But, he is first and foremost a devoted family man.

He credits co-host Jake with the idea to start a show together. He goes on to say, "I have a passion for the topic, the Irish gift of gab, and a face made for radio. Podcasting just sounded like a natural fit."